4 kids, father mother charged in deaths

LOGANVILLE, Ga. (AP) — Four young kids and their father were discovered murdered in a home outside Atlanta ancient Thursday, and authorities say that the mother — now charged with their deaths — was the only one who called 911 to report that the killings.

The five were apparently stabbed to death. A child lived and was hospitalized with injuries authorities said.

The girl was arrested by authorities after the bodies were found inside the home in Loganville, Gwinnett County authorities Cpl. Michele Pihera told colleagues at the scene. Police later charged Isabel Martinez with five counts of murder five counts of malice murder and six counts of aggravated assault.

“She was quickly taken into custody and right now she is at Gwinnett County Police Headquarters being interviewed,” Pihera said. Authorities said a motive wasn’t immediately understood and haven’t said whether she was hurt.

“Right now we think we have all involved in this offense,” Pihera said, adding that she does not want men and women in the area to believe that a dangerous individual is really large.

Pihera affirmed that the 911 call came. Pihera says authorities believe that call was made by the suspect.

Pihera reported the caller was speaking . The county sheriff’s office said Martinez is being held for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement but did not offer specifics.

Early indications are that a knife was used to assault the five, even though the final decision will be made by a health examiner concerning the cause of death, Pihera said.

The girl that was hospitalized was alive Thursday afternoon, authorities said in a short update on the circumstance.

The four kids murdered seem to be below age 10, Pihera said. Their slain father was at his mid-30s, she said.

Police initially said in a declaration that a girl inside the home called police at 4:47 a.m. Thursday to report a traumatic and officers answering the telephone found that the five bodies inside.

Outside the home with white paneling and fireplaces, neighbors sat in their front lawns later Thursday. Crime scene tape surrounded the home and portions of the yard in the Loganville area, roughly 30 miles (48 km) east of Atlanta.

Some neighbors at the mostly Hispanic community said that they had no clue that anything was amiss at the home until authorities mobbed the scene Thursday morning. The neighbors said the Spanish-speaking household had moved into the community and also their kids seemed happy playing with neighborhood kids.

Victoria Nievs reported the children’s mother had endured her father’s death.

Jim Hollandsworth is currently spokesman a nonprofit organization that runs on an after-school program that the kids of the family participated in, at The Path Project. He said that the family was in the area for a few months. He said while the kids spoke English as a second language, they were eloquent.

“It is awful. It is devastating. Everyone is in complete shock,” he said. “The children were engaged in what we’re doing. They were joyful. They were fantastic youngsters with a bright future.”

Associated Press writers Kathleen Foody and Jeff Martin at Atlanta contributed to this document.