Houston Guy accused of decapitating Mum, stabbing father

HOUSTON (AP) — A Houston man who authorities say had repeatedly attacked his mother remained in jail Monday after prosecutors allege he donned her and inflicted several nonfatal stab wounds on his father at their house, where he was barred from being.

Kyriakos Savvas Georghiou’s mum had a protective order in place and he wasn’t supposed to be at the parents’ house, prosecutors said. He was accused of hitting the 76-year-old woman.

His attorney, Jeffrey Wilner, stated Georghiou’s parents posted his $10,000 bond in the assault case and were receiving him mental health care at a facility in Houston. Georghiou was in jail since June for the assault.

“The mommy loved him. His daddy loved him. … I’m just in shock,” Wilner said Monday, adding that he “would have called the police and informed his father to not bail him out” if he had any notion that Georghiou would be a threat to his loved ones.

27, Georghiouwent on Friday into his parents ‘house and began stabbing at Jane Georghiou, stated a prosecutor with the district attorney’s office in Harris County, Carvana Cloud, Texas.

When Costas Georghiou attempted to protect his spouse, he was stabbed several times in the face and chest, Cloud said.

Kyriakos Georghiou left his parents’ house and his father went to find help. While the father was away but Georghiou came back with a knife that was second, the prosecutor said.

“He continues to stab his mom to the point at which he destroys her and her head is severed in the body,” Cloud said.

Georghiou’s father was hospitalized in critical condition following the attack. His condition was upgraded to fair, hospital officials said.

Georghiou aggravated assault on a family member and is being held without bail on charges of murder. He has a court appearance.

At the time of the stabbing attack, Georghiou’s bond was revoked by a judge when he missed a court hearing last week at the assault case in which he faced a charge of harm to an elderly person for allegedly hitting his mum in his car at April and knocking out one of her front teeth.

It was the second time that Georghiou was detained for an assault on his mom. In 2014, he was sentenced to three years in state prison after pleading guilty to a charge of harm to an person for punching on his mother, leaving her with teeth and a swollen left eye. He had previous arrests for drug possession and aggravated robbery.

Wilner stated Georghiou “loved his mother” and that his parents had fought for years to get him help for his mental health difficulties.

“They tried everything they can to get him,” the attorney said.

Georghiou’s parents drove out of jail on Sept. 6.

“I thought everything was OK when he bonded out,” Wilner said.

Cloud said investigators are still discovering a motive for the stabbing attack.

Even though his bond was posted by the parents of Georghiou, Jane Georghiou needed a protective order in place that barred him.

“Obviously we can not be with every victim throughout the night or day or any time they are having connections with family members or nearest and dearest,” Cloud said. “We do not have a crystal ball.”

Georghiou’s behavior was a “consistent routine for him and the violence escalated,” the prosecutor said.


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