Gathering remembers Mom and child killed by Dad

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — Over 100 people gathered in Kalamazoo Saturday day to remember and mourn a mother and 4-year-old boy captured and killed by the boy’s father who then killed himself.

Their prayers and support occurred in the very spot at which the shocking murder-suicide occurred.

The audience was addressed by loved ones, grandparents and friends as they joined at the “Lord’s Prayer.”

They came to the home in the 100 E Emerson Street in which the offense occurred.

Witnesses say 40-year-old Nicholas Mitchell and Julina Gibson were arguing about the custody of the 4-year-old son Nick around 6:20 % on Thursday.

Police say the father used a gun to take 30-year-old Gibson, captured the boy then turned the gun on himself. All three would perish from those wounds.

The parents died immediately and also the boy died Thursday afternoon.

“We phoned her Tee-Tee Julina and infant Nicky was ‘Nino’ but that I called his brother,” explained Narnee Mitchell, the nephew and cousin of their sufferers. “She took care of mentally and emotionally handicapped people and she loved doing that job. She had been a caring and loving man.”

Gibson leaves a second child behind.

“And certainly, I think that it’s just a huge community for the 10-year-old daughter she left behind and we’re all gont be awaiting her, so she has a big family,” Mitchell stated.

Court records show that Mitchell spent time in prison on charges of carjacking and armed robbery in 2001 and released in 2008.

More lately, the parents had been in court on divorce disputes and also there was a bench warrant out for Mitchell for failure to look after he’d slipped behind on child support payments.

People who understood that the couple said they had their share of problems, but there was never any indication it would lead to the unthinkable act.

All the arrangements have not been made, but family members tell me there’ll be visitation on Friday from 4 to 2 pm in the Langland Funeral Home on South Burdick Street.

However, because such a huge audience is expected to attend, they are searching for a place big enough to host the funeral.