Do You Leave Your Wall Safe Exposed Or Not?

If you own a home or business and want a secure place to store particular valuables, then a wall safe is a great choice. Depending on the size, you can keep things like extra keys and credit cards, a bundle of emergency cash, and even a firearm in here. Other common items stored in a Simply Safes include family heirlooms and jewelry, stock or bond certificates, and critical identification documents like birth certificates and passports.

So, while having a wall safe makes sense, there are questions about it that you need to decide. First and foremost, do you leave it exposed or not? A wall safe that is uncovered is often easier to install, and it is certainly easier to get in and out of. However, it is also more likely to be broken into since people know where it is and how to access it.

On the other hand, a covered wall safe, such as behind a painting or piece of furniture, is going to be much harder to access, but a lot more secure. If you are going to be using it for items you rarely need to access, this can make more sense, at least in a residential environment. A simply safes in a business might need to be accessed daily, or even multiple times during a shift, and so access is critical.

How you access a wall safe is another choice. Do you simply get a lock and key model? Or do you for a combination lock? These days, technology makes it possible to require multiple things to get into a safe, such as a key and combination, possibly even involving biometrics like a fingerprint or retinal scan. The possibilities are truly incredible when you look at what’s available.