Mother watched as her son was ‘run over by his father’

A horrified mother saw on as paramedics struggled to rescue her 19-month-old child after he had been supposedly accidentally run over by his dad.  

Stelios Karsas was declared dead after being struck outside the Friends Fish and Chip Shop at Minsterley, Shropshire, just after 11am on Thursday.      

Friends think his Cypriot dad — also known as Stelios — had flipped over him in his automobile, a Hyundai Santa Fe.

An undercover, three paramedic officers along with a air ambulance rushed to the scene following members of people urgently tried to do CPR.        

Passers-by have revealed how they desperately fought to rescue his lifetime as his Filipino mom Mirasol viewed on.

A horrified mother saw on as paramedics struggled to rescue his child after he was pumped over by his dad’s car. Pictured:  Stelios Karsas along with his father, also known as Stelios

Tragedy: He is believed to be envisioned at the Hyundai Santa Fe which knocked him down to a post on his mother Mirasol’s Instagram accounts past month

Stelios Karsas was declared dead after being struck outside the Friends Fish and Chip Shop at Minsterley, Shropshire, just after 11am on Thursday

Hero nursing home carer Simon Jones has been passing the scene and attempted to rescue Stelios’ life.

A colleagued along with he performed CPR to keep him alive until an ambulance can arrive.

Simon explained: ‘I deal with death and dying often but nothing can prepare one for what I watched that day. The kid in question was just 19 weeks old.

‘After I came a colleague of mine had been there. Her husband waved me over and suddenly I watched the small boy lying on his side with his mouth filled with blood.

‘I flipped him with my colleague assistance slightly more on his side to clear his airway. Another woman behind me was on the telephone to the ambulance operator, that informed us we had to begin CPR.

‘My colleague assisted by performing the compressions while I concentrated on the breaths, and also we did this before the ambulance arrived.

‘His mum was there and so far as I am aware they possessed the chip shop the small man was lying outside. She had been in pieces but once we began CPR everything else became background noise.

‘It made me feel unworthy in all truth. I’m properly broken and I can’t close my eyes without seeing his face.

‘He had the eyes of a angle and I’m so sorry I could not do more. I will always consider him although I never understood him.

‘The emergency services were excellent and reacted so fast, and I need to thank the three people that there helping me. I’m unashamedly the outcome was not another one.’  

Stelios is believed to be envisioned at the Hyundai Santa Fe which knocked him down to a place on his mother’s Instagram account last month.

His parents, who’ve been married for four decades, have been at home each night with their other two brothers.

Mirasol explained: ‘We do not wish to mention anything – it is an incredibly challenging time.’

Tributes are envisioned outside the Friends Fish and Chip Shop at Minsterley, Shropshire

Floral tributes were left in the scene. One card read: ‘We didn’t have the joy of meeting you and your family little man but we are profoundly saddened by this tragic event. Fly high with the angels little one’

A nearby church, Holy Trinity, Minsterley, left a tribute to small Stelios outside of the fish and chip shop inviting individuals to light a candle to remember him  

A family friend added: ‘Stelios struck his infant in the vehicle. He needs our help today.

‘I have talked to Mirasol to ease her today because she cannot accept what has happened.

‘it’s tough to explain what her husband is going through.

Floral tributes are placed in the scene, even in which the regional Methodist church has encouraged individuals to light a candle of remembrance for the kid.  

Writing on Facebook, The Reverend Pam Bickley of Holy Trinity Church, Minsterly explained: ‘If you’d like to light a candle in memory of Stelios, the small boy murdered yesterday in Minsterley, Holy Trinity Minsterley is available all day tomorrow and today.  

‘Please pray for his family. Rest in peace. God bless.’ 

West Mercia Police are appealing for witnesses and haven’t yet affirmed the situation surrounding the crash.

A spokeswoman for West Midlands Ambulance Service added: ‘When crews arrived they found a boy at cardiac arrest being given CPR by members of the public following a collision with a vehicle.

‘Ambulance employees quickly took over resuscitation attempts on scene and continued advanced life support for a team.

‘Tragically, nothing can be done to rescue the boy and that he had been confirmed dead in scene.’

Family buddy Maria Downes said she had been driving across the road and observed the aftermath of the catastrophe.

She added: ‘I had been a few seconds behind the collision, I didn’t see it really happen.

‘I was two cars behind and saw the aftermath of this, a lot of people rushed over to attempt to help – it’s incredibly upsetting and tragic.

‘It wasn’t a hit and run. It was not a driver speeding -it’s a lot more tragic than what’s been initially said.

‘I can’t state anything about that, however for all those reasons it’s more catastrophic than people believe.’  

Still another celebrity reads: ‘Such a small man. Sweet dreams forever xxx’ following the death of the 19-month-old Beyond the restaurant yesterday morning   

Ms Downes previously wrote on Facebook: ‘So certainly catastrophic to maintain Minsterley today, considering the family of the gorgeous boy.

‘I was just with him a few days past, I do not think I will ever have the ability to go to Minsterley again using what is stuck in my mind.

‘I must say this however, the entire village came together today [Thursday] bless you for staying powerful, acting fast and just being there to give a hand if it had been needed.

‘I am rather devastated for them all and also to all of the police, fire service, air ambulance, paramedics, you also deserve a big hug.’

‘He had been chippy by which his dad owned.  

‘I think the family have paid the ultimate price and that will be forever haunting those involves, it’s not about blame today, it’s a bout a kid’s death and a broken family x’  

A mother-of-two, that lived nearby, added: ‘My daughter’s boyfriend had been here to the aftermath, and claims that the boy’s dad was the one that struck him.

‘He [the dad] was absolutely devastated seemingly, which is what you would expect.

‘My neighbour also told me that it was the dad that has been the motorist, but like I say, I didn’t see it.’      

Pictured: A line of bouquets are pictured out the Friends Fish and Chip Shop  

An undercover, three star officers along with a air ambulance rushed to the scene following members of people urgently tried to do CPR

An elderly neighbour said they heard a scream, which they initially presumed was a girl.

They said: ‘I heard a scream, and initially I thought that it had been a girl crying out for assistance.

‘Obviously I afterwards learned that it was a young boy.

‘There was also a vehicle that has been parked up from the collision, which individuals were encircling.

‘I think that it was the automobile that belongs to the restaurant proprietor, as it’s parked there all of the time.’  

Francesca Bromley place: ‘Puts it into perspective to cherish your own children.  

‘So so sad prior to xmas that he had his entire life before him. Bad boy and poor family.’