Be Sure Your Dog Gets Safe Dog Chew Bones

Are you the kind of dog owner who likes to spoil his dog with new chew toys every chance you get? If so, that makes you like most dog owners, and your dog no doubt loves you for it. But if you aren’t careful, you could be putting your dog’s health at risk if you choose the wrong kind of dog chew treats. Keep reading below the a few rules of thumb to keep in mind whenever you buy your dog a new chew toy.

If you truly love your dog, you must make sure to buy him dreambone safe dog chew bones. There are plenty of bones on the market that your dog will no doubt love to chew on, but he could be putting his health at risk if he does, and this is the last thing you want to have happen. Some of these are bones like deer antler chews, chicken bones, cow hooves and many many more.

The first step when choosing safe dog chew bones to see whether toy was made. Any dog chew toy made in China should absolutely be avoided at all costs. China has a long history of making pet food and pet toys out of unsafe materials. This includes dog chew toys. The last thing you want is for your dog to chew and possibly consume anything made out of poisonous material.

Next, check the hardness of the item your dog will be chewing on. If it is too hard and there is no give when you try to squeeze it, it is likely too hard for your dog and could potentially cause him to break his teeth. Broken teeth are quite painful, and will require an expensive trip to the vet to have them treated.

You also don’t want your dog to have anything that is too soft. If it is too soft, he will likely be able to tear it apart easily while chewing it, which puts him at risk for consuming and possibly choking on the item.

Choosing a safe chew toy isn’t complicated, it just takes a little common sense. If at anytime you aren’t sure about the safety of a dog chew, take a little time and do a little research on the Internet to find out if it is.