Parenting a teenager is often the most difficult years to be a parent. Your child is forming his or her identity, making decisions about whom and what he or she is and how they will fit in the world around them. It’s tumultuous, frustrating, confusing, but beautiful…we begin to see who our children may become and what they are capable of.

When your pre-teen or teen is becoming a self-aware human being, they are likely to seek separation from the family unit while trying to become an independent, self-aware adult. Parenting a teenager is a scary ordeal. There are so many issues that affect how to parent a teen in today’s society. There is peer pressure, drugs, teen pregnancy, sex, dating, alcohol…and that is just the tip of the iceberg.
We have come up with a list of various topics that relate to parenting a teenager. Just click on any of the links below to go to your topic of choice. We hope we have covered most things, but are always open to any and all suggestions of what YOU want to know more about. It is always good to have your back covered, and we hope we are covering yours as you get into the teenage years of parenting!